Understand What to Do When He Pulls Away

If you are in a relationship, there is a good chance he has tried to distance himself from time to time. Sometimes, it can be discouraging to think about the future of the relationship especially when he is wanting to spend time alone and away from the relationship. Never assume that the relationship is over just because he needs some time away. Instead, understand the reality that if he is done, he will generally say so. For now, take him for his word and understand he just needs some space.

Understand that when he pulls away, it is completely natural. The best thing for him is to give him some space. Don’t call him or text him all the time. You may want to send him a quick text message telling him good night. Other than that, leave him alone. When he is ready to bounce back, he will let you know. For now, enjoy some time away. Go out with friends, get a pedicure or even consider getting a massage. Basically, forget about any stress regarding this relationship and take some time for yourself. It won’t be long before he is at the door and getting ready to take his gal out on the town.

When he does finally come back, don’t give him a hard time about his withdrawal. Instead, make sure he knows that you are happy to see him. Give him a hug and let him know he has been missed. Keep in mind, he is likely to go the other way if he doesn’t feel comfortable. Just remember, continue to take it slow. Don’t pressure him for a commitment. This is another great way to get him to leave you. Instead, show him a good time with a fun loving woman who is not going to put any pressure on a committed relationship just yet. If the situation is handled appropriately, he will likely make the decision to commit to this relationship right away.

Just remember, it is totally natural for men to back off. Give him some space and rest assured, things are going to work out for the best. Strong relationships take some time to build.

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