Our Vacation in Aspen, Colorado Has Not Been Topped Yet

The kids wanted to go on a skiing vacation. We have always gone on vacations in the summer, and this would be our first winter experience. Our neighbors wanted to go too, so we all planned work, school and the holidays around our ski trip. We looked at luxury cabin rentals in Aspen, and sharing the costs for the week of skiing made it something we could do as well as making it end up being the most fabulous vacation we have ever been on yet.

The most popular time for the luxury cabin rentals in Aspen is during the ski season. You can save a considerable amount on the per-night rental fee if you want to have a summertime Aspen experience. The kids wanted skiing, so we went and stayed just before the holidays. Our son likes snowboarding, my wife and daughter like skiing more and I like snowmobile adventures. We got to do it all. Snow is great when you are out having fun in it. I don’t enjoy it when I have to drive in it to get to work, but riding a snowmobile on mountain trails in Aspen was big fun for me. I did a little skiing and attempted to snowboard, but snowmobiling was the highlight for me.

The luxury cabin had more amenities than we have at home. There was no lacking in anything. This place is beautiful and very top notch. It had heated floors, an outdoor spa and inside were walk-in tubs and showers. They even had a Nespresso machine. That became a favorite of mine after we stayed up late chatting with our neighbors and got up early to go on our outdoor adventures. We liked the place so much that we came back for another week in the summer to see the mountains in a different season.

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